Welcome to my mind, please wipe your feet

Sweet Flesh

I waste away in the shell of what I once was,

Dripping with the blood and sweet flesh of my lover,

I have stuck fear in your heart and cast down the mighty hammer upon your empty womb,

You will waste away with me,

Waste away in a different way,

Maggots will burrow inside you and lay eggs in your tear ducts,

You will cry the songs of a thousand flies,

They will eat at you,

Rip you apart,

As I once did, and still do,

I burn your remains,

Dowse you in gasoline,

Melt away your memories,

Like skin melting away from bones,

You pop, bubble, and sing with me,

As you become black smoke above my head,

I’m all alone left standing here,

                        Your milky sweet flesh turned to bone.


The Secret Behind Obama’s Nuke Fear




Why are there no Sandy Hook lawsuits?

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Synchronicity: Tarot cards and ‘The Falling Man’


"Every War Starts With A False Flag Operation" - Jesse Ventura


Boston Marathon Explosion BUSTED WIDE OPEN!!!


Key Player in Boston Marathon Firecracker Exposed

Published on Apr 15, 2014 ****WARNING - FOOTAGE MAY BE DISTURBING TO SOME VIEWERS**** In what appears to be the greatest coincidence you could think of we have a key player in the hoax who was just feet from the explosion where Krystal Campbell was supposedly killed, a guy loses 2 legs, 200+ injured, 14 amputee victims and yet she has not got a single mark on her. Lo and behold we find she joins in the actors chorus and gets wheeled away in a wheelchair. Now we expose her as having a very eerie resemblance to the current Massachusetts State Auditor Suzanne M. Bump.

This guy is sharp. Watch it before you judge it.

There are people who still believe the Official 9/11 Commission Report




9/11 was an inside joke

a bunch of smoke with building wad
in dissent under your “god”
and we biked to drink the day
because downtown just fell away

and the towers falling down
have the u.s.a. a frown
and all the bumpkins wept at zero ground
but all these fucking lies
sew up our weary eyes
'cuz 9/11 was an inside thing
and G-Dub played the king
to wipe the crime scene clean
smart folks know what I mean
Giuliano fixed the job
abetted by the mob
air-force and C.I.A.
N.O.R.A.D. with Dick Cheney
erased the facts away

and the towers falling down
spun the populace around
and all the families wept at zero ground
three-thousand bodies never found?
"pull“‘s construction worked slang
for a controlled demolition
bombed to pull it to its base
Marvin Bush helped put in place
but crushed people “vaporized”?
with the evidence erased
the victim’ families had no case

but all these fucking lies
make the baby jesus cry
'cuz 9/11 was an inside job
not a “fuck u.s. kabob”
like the media portrayed
like the G.I.S. would get laid
and it makes no fucking sense
like a failed all-force defense
because corporate oil got paid
and I’ll save you some suspense
they wanted “dead presidents”!!!!

Dont eat oreos


Man Streaks Through ‘Ninja Warrior’ Course Completely Naked




what did I get into


That got rather out of hand.

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